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The product brief
Classification and use
PJ Series of Coal-base Crushed Activated Carbon
FJ series of powdered activated carbon
Coal-based Activated Carbon for desulphuriztion
Coal-based Activated Carbon for solvent recovery
Low ash activated charcoal
Specially-low ash activated charcoal
Coal-based Activated Carbon for gas purification
Cylindrical Coal based Activated Carbon
General manager:Sun zhi
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       Activated carbon is porous carbon material. Due to its highly developed porous structure and huge specific surface area. activated carbon has very strong adsorption capacity. Its pore varieties include micropores. mesopores and macropores of diameter <20A,20-2000A and 2000A respectively .Activated carbon contains complicated oxygen surface functional groups. Activated carbon can also be impregnated with chemicals to produce impregnated activated carbons. Thus, it is not only used as an excellent,

adsorbent, but also used as a catalyst or catalyst carrier, to find wide applications in industrial production, environmental protection, national-defense industry,environmental protection.Medicime intermediates decolorization,water and air purification, etc. Produced in accordance with China National Standards GB/7701-1997 for Granular Activated from Coal.
Classification and use TOP
Symbol Classification and GB No. Application
L Granular AC from coal for desulfurization GB/T7701.1997 To be used for removal of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfides
H Granular AC from coal for solvent recovery GB/T7701.-1997 To be used for recovery of benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, ethers, gasoline, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, etc.
Z Granular AC from coal to be used as catalyst carrier or catalyst
To be used as catalyst or catalyst carrier in synthetic industry.
J Granular AC from coal for water purification
To be used for dechlorination, deoiling and purifying of industrial water and advanced purifying treatment of and potable water and sewage water
K Granular AC from coal for air purification
To be used for air purification and gas separation and refinement.
X Granular AC from coal for purification
To be used in production of impregnated caron and filling of all types of industrial protective equipment
Y Granular AC from coal for high efficiency adsorption
To be used for gas-phase and liquid-phase adsorption of harmful chemical, removal of organic vapors. filtration of harmful gases and air deodorization
Can be produced as per cusomers requirements TOP
Acid-washed carbon
To reduce ash content and floatable fines, and increase acidity
Water-washed carbon
To reduce floatable fines and  floatation
Coated carbon
To decrease fines emerging from carbon surface and improve surface smoothness.

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