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The product brief
Classification and use
PJ Series of Coal-base Crushed Activated Carbon
FJ series of powdered activated carbon
Coal-based Activated Carbon for desulphuriztion
Coal-based Activated Carbon for solvent recovery
Low ash activated charcoal
Specially-low ash activated charcoal
Coal-based Activated Carbon for gas purification
Cylindrical Coal based Activated Carbon
General manager:Sun zhi 
    FJ series   TOP
        FJ series of powdered activated carbon can be manufactured with different finely divided sizes, adsorptive properties and decolorization capacities according to the consumers requirement. FJ series activated carbon has extremely fast adsorption velocity and flocculation effect and aid-filtering effect. So it has won high praise from water supply works and sewage treatment plants due to its low capital investment and operation cost. It finds wide
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application in food processing, pharmaceutical production, decolorization, crystallization, filtration and refinement, and it is also an indispensable material for AC filter carpet and AC foamed plastics products.

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