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The product brief
Classification and use
PJ Series of Coal-base Crushed Activated Carbon
FJ series of powdered activated carbon
Coal-based Activated Carbon for desulphuriztion
Coal-based Activated Carbon for solvent recovery
Low ash activated charcoal
Specially-low ash activated charcoal
Coal-based Activated Carbon for gas purification
Cylindrical Coal based Activated Carbon
General manager:Sun zhi 
PJ Series   TOP
         PJ series of coal-base granule activated carbon is made from well-chosen coal by using special technology. It features highly developed porous structure and large specific surface, especially large micropore volume, and also great hardness, wear and impact resistance , and ease of regeneration. I t has fast adsorption velocity and high adsorption capacity and , consequently, is in favor of adsorption of organic solutes, free chlorine and harmful gases in air, so it is the best choice for the advanced of municipal drinking water,water dechlorination, decolorization and deodorization, it plays a non-fungible important role in preparation of highly pure water and artificially mineralized water and increasingly significant role in purification of boiler feed water and wastewater. AC-filled air filters can remove bacteria and toxic gases from air.

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