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The product brief
Classification and use
PJ Series of Coal-base Crushed Activated Carbon
FJ series of powdered activated carbon
Coal-based Activated Carbon for desulphuriztion
Coal-based Activated Carbon for solvent recovery
Low ash activated charcoal
Specially-low ash activated charcoal
Coal-based Activated Carbon for gas purification
Cylindrical Coal based Activated Carbon
General manager:Sun zhi 
Cylindrical   TOP
        Cylindrical coal based activated carbons are prepared from suitable coal feedstock by steam activation. These activated carbons have features such as high mechanical strength ,clear and neat shape. uniform particle size and great specific surface area .Apart from these ,they are characterized as perfect pore structure ,fast adsorption velocity, low react bed pressure loss and easy-regeneration. Special activated carbons with various properties can be obtained on the bases of selection of suitable coal feedstock, control over carbonization and catalytic activation.

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